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by Admin
 December 19, 2019

Understanding the kids’ characters is the main element in designing kids bedrooms.  Kidsroom stlye should match the whole style of the house. Kids bedroom is the perfect room to start their day.

Children like imagination. They also love cartoon characters. The most popular Disney character for children is Mickey Mouse. Having their favourite character as the theme in their  bedroom in a form of wall art, makes the bedroom looks so fun and comfortable.

To make the room looks like a playground we can use wall art, so that the children will have good impression on their bedroom. Depending on children’s interest we can make use of various cartoon artist theme as wall art for their room.

by Admin
 December 19, 2019

Inorder to stay healthy and active we want restful sleep. Our sleeping environment depends in restful sleep, right design and décor choice is the remedy for it.  Bedroom should not only the place where you sleep.The space should be a room to spend your free time. Easy way to achieve is by adding a seating area .

Modern bedroom design uses platform. A highly desired piece of modern bedroom furniture is the low slung platform bed which has become a trend now. Whole host of designs and finishes are accompanied with them.

A stunning headboard feature wall will be used in modern bedroom design accompanied by lights and shade. Modern design uses LED strip lights and extruded panels. A small bedroom can be made feel bigger by using frameless mirror. If space is limited for bedside tables headboard storage niches are a great remedy. For clean and crisp look we can choose wall mounted bedside shelves instead of floor standing units.

by Admin
 December 19, 2019

In order to allow the rest of the home to function properly the kitchen designs have to be properly executed .We should choose kitchen furniture based on matching style, our budget and house plans.

Island  kitchen concept is one of the trending kitchen concept, they are simply adorable. It is placed in the middle of the room. They are simply cute and gather everyone in a single place. Islands are applicable to both small kitchen design  and large dining areas.

In kitchen design decisions, cabinetry plays a vital role. Cabins of the kitchen has to be arranged based on the theme and style of the kitchen design.

 Kitchen flooring have  to satisfy many criteria, they has to be practical, comfortable, damage-proof, and ambiance-pleasant. Flooring is an important element in  kitchen design, they has to be both functional and beautiful. Modern kitchen interior should be functional. Functional not only meant space and durability but it should also encompasses a number of simple tricks.